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Pharaohs Nubia Hookah

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Pharaoh's Nubia Hookah

The stylish little Nubia hookah stands 12" tall and is incredibly travel friendly thanks to its multiple threaded sections. Made from stainless-steel, this hookah is easily washable and will never suffer from rust or corrosion; never again deal with ghosting shisha flavors, one quick rinse and the Nubia will be ready to go! Great news for owners of hookah bars who need their hookahs to have a quick turn-around time between uses.

Design of the Pharaoh's Nubia

The beautiful matte black color of the Nubia's shaft is modeled after the classic Egyptian design, with multiple flared out sections and engraved lines. The matte black sports a rough powder coated finish that removes the need of polishing this hookah! The threaded base section provides you with a super tight seal to preven any air leaks and create a smooth flow.

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