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Welcome to 

JJ's Hemp Dispensary

The #1 Leading CBD Store in the Philadelphia Area.

We are Women-Led & LGBTQ+ Friendly!

Summer Sales are in! 


Use the following codes for the Summer Deals. 

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Code Chill30 for 30% off Chill Plus Gummies 

Code D825 for 25% off D8 Bites & Cannaaid.

Code Chi25 for 25% off 3Chi D8 Carts

Code Urb25 for 25% off Urb D8 carts.

Code PUR25 for 25% off Pure Clear D8 Disposables



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A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth a million. 

Watch our Introduction and see what we how we are making a difference in the CBD Industry! 

Video coming soon!

Please read our Shipping Policy for the COVID-19 update

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