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Furat Black (Smoke)

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This compact Egyptian hookah is a perfect hookah for anyone who wants to try the hookah hobby without going "all in." This 16 inch hookah produces great smoke and is sized to be a great table or desktop hookah.

The unorthodox tray-under design gives this hookah a unique appearance and allows the user to upgrade to any hookah hose they wish. When you compare the quality of the Stainless steel stem and glass base with any hookah in this price range, you will be blown away by the value.

The hookah hose included with this hookah is a plastic disposable hose. It smokes great but doesn't have much aesthetic appeal. This hose is designed to be used and replaced with an upgrade like a Mya hose, Nu-hose or other light weight hoses that will look better in the long run.

Shipping FuratsDue to the size and weight of Furats, we recommend shipping the 10 pack Cases via pallet with large orders.

Furats shipped via UPS Ground might be removed from the box and shipped in parts to reduce shipping costs. Check with the sales team on how to best ship your order of Furats.

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