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Cake 1 Gram Disposables

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In our effort to add more new and hot products we have added Cake Disposables and she just hits different!

Cake Disposable Vapes just hit our shelves and we think this disposable may become one of our clients favorite. Nice and compact and easy to fit in pockets and bags. They come in 1 gram rechargeable devices that boast a heavy hitting Delta 9 distillate and organic terpenes. They come in many great tasting flavors to fit whatever flavor profile you’re into.


Nectarine Lips - Orange, Peach, Tropical / Effects: \Alluring, Giggly, Focused / Experience: The taste buds with juicy, sweet, and succulent Flavor leave behind a kiss of refreshment that Lingers long after the last bite tempting senses and beckonling you back and more.

Sublime- Herbal, Violet, Floral/ Effects: \Exalted, Energetic, Talkative /Experience Transcends the ordinary elevating you to a state of pure bliss, where worries vanish, and life is nothing but serenity, comfort, and peace.

Jack Diesel- Diesel, Sage, Tobacco/ Effects:\  energetic, creative, hungry / Experience: Roars with power, delivering a punch of potency that fuels the body and sparks the mind, propelling you forward with unrelenting energy and determination.

Sugar Plum- Plum, sweet, berry, / Effects:\ Cheerful, Dazzling, Giggly / Experience Dance on the tongue leaving behind a sweet and delightful aftertaste like a kiss of holiday magic that brings a smile to your face of joy to you bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart, reminding you of life simple pleasures and  enjoy each moment to the fullest 


Super Pink -Lavender, Tree Fruit, Floral/ Effects:\ Tingly, Comical, Spirited/ Experience Radiates with playful energy its sweet and fruity aroma and uplifting effects captivating the sense and inspiring a sense of joy and excitement reminding you to savor life's little pleasures and enjoy each moment to the fullest.

Strawberry Mochi - Strawberry, vanilla, Honey/ Effects:\ energetic, tingly, Creative/ Experience Enechants the sense with soft and sweet inhale and juicy berry flavor, like a kiss of springtime that lifts the heart and enlivens the soul.

Turpee Slurpee- Lime, Skunk, pungent/ Effects: Tingly, cheerful, Energetic/ Experience  a symphony of flavors its sweet and tangy indulging the sense with each hit leaving behind a trail of refreshment and rejuvenation that lingers long after the drop.

Pineapple Tartz- Tropical, Skunk, Pineapple / Effects: Energetic, Refreshed, Creative/ Experience Sparkles with tropical Flavor its juicy sweetness transports you to a sun-drenched paradise with each hit Reminding you of life's simple pleasures and leaves you feeling revitalized and ready for anything.

Vanilla Runtz-  Vanilla, Tea, Apricot / Effects: Creative, Experience A decadent delight its smooth and creamy flavors satisfy the sweetest of cravings leaving you feeling indulged relaxed, and with a sense of comfort and contentment.

Runtz Laterz- Rose, honey, tropical/ Effects:focused, uplifted,blissful Experience/ Ignites a sense of adventure and indulgence  irresitable aromo and flovors tempting you sweetest moments and bask in the blis of the here and now  

Forbidden muffic- blueberry,tropical, mango/ effect: Frisky, relaxed, toboo Experience/ lures you irresistible aroma and flavor tempting you with promise of a delicious and forbidden  treat ignting a sense of adventure and indulgence with every hit. 


 Sweet Tooth - Sweet,Floral, berry/ Effects: \Euphoric happy, sleepy/ Experience:  a temptation too good to resist it sugary and indulgent flavor satitfying the craving of even the most insatiable sweet tooth reminding you that somthing a little bit of a decadence is all it take to turn a bad day into a good one

Funkey Monkey- Grape, Berry, Cheese/ Effects:\ Giggly, talkative, frisky/ Experience:  swing with a wild and playful flavor, its sweet and fruity notes inviting you let loose and embrace life wildest and most fun adventures remindling you that somtimes its good to go little bit bananas.

Mangolicious- Mango, tropical, honey/ effect:\ TINGLY, RELAXED, UPLIFTED/ EXPERIENCE tropical paradise for the sense its sweet and juicy aroma and flavor a tantalizing taste of sumtimes all year round reminding you take a break from daily grind and bask in the simple pleasure of life juicy delight.

Lucky  cake- Sweet, Tree, Vanille \ Effect : relaxed, hungry, sleepy , experience a sweet and indulgent treat, its rich and buttery flavor tantalizing the taste buttery and elevating the mood reminding you that somtime a little of lucky of whole lot deliciouness is all it takes to turn any day into a celebration 

Kushadelic - pine, pungent, tropical\ Effects : sleepy,relaxed , hungry ,Experience a psychedelic journey for a sence its potent aroma and effect opening the mind to new realms of relaxing, peach and pure euphoria talking you on tippy trip to the center of your own blissful consciouness


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