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What is THC-H?

What is THC-H?

Posted by JJ's Hemp Dispensary on 8th Nov 2022

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What is THC-H?

THC-H is a natural cannabinoid that is found in a trace amount in the hemp plant. It is considered to be the second most potent cannabinoid in the hemp plant.

How does THC-H Compare to regular THC?

THC-H is thought to be 10 to 25 times stronger than regular THC. At the moment, that is all the information we have about the difference between these cannabinoid.

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What are the benefits and side effects of THC-H?

Some of the benefits of THC-H are pain relief, improved quality of sleep and anxiety relief. Many describe the high and experience as being one of a kind, and enjoyable as an all around great experience.

You can have the following side effects by taking THC-H: Dry mouth, red eyes, elevated heart rate, paranoia, anxiety, visual distortions, memory loss, nausea & sickness.

Will THC-H Make me fail a drug test?

Yes as it will appear like all other THC isomers.

Is THC-H Available now?

It is and as it grows in popularity, there will be more products available. Currently at JJ’s we sell THC-H Disposables and carts so feel free to check them out!

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