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What is HHC-P?

What is HHC-P?

Posted by JJ's Hemp Dispensary on 2nd Nov 2022

What is HHC-P?

The hydrogenated form of THC-P. It is considered a HHC derivative, and it is extremely chemically stable.

How Does HHC-P compare to HHC and HHC-O?

They are all different with their potency with HHC-P being considered the most potent. It also has the biggest euphoric and psychedelic experience while HHC-O is more psychoactive and HHC being the most mellow.

What is THCP? (And Should I Try It?) - Patients Magazine

What are the benefits and side effects of HHC-P?

The benefits of HHC-P are: Increased appetite, increased energy, and anxiety relief. It also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Likewise, you can also experience euphoria and an increase in motivation. Additionally, HHC-P users have a long-lasting HHC effect.

You can have the following side effects by taking HHC-P: Dry Mouth, headache and a powerful body experience.

Will HHC-P Make me fail a drug test?

HHC-P users may not fail standard 12-panel drug test as the test won’t be able to detect it. However, this information is anecdotal evidence so there may be a risk that you may fail a drug test. Always be caution when you’re taking any sort of psychoactive drug.

Is HHC-P Available now?

It is and as it grows in popularity, there will be more products available. Currently at JJ’s we sell HHC-P Disposables so feel free to check them out!


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