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What is Delta-10?

What is Delta-10?

Posted by JJ's Hemp Dispensary on 1st May 2021

Delta-10 is the newest cannabinoid that has entered the Cannabis/Hemp market. There isn’t much information because it is of its newness, but we’re here to provide you with what we have found.

How is Delta-10, compared to Delta-8?

Like Delta-8, it can be hemp derived thus making it federally legal 38 states. Additionally, it also provides euphoric psychoactive effects on users, although it currently debated if Delta-10 provides the same effects as Delta-8, or if it is closer to the feeling of Delta-9 (found in marijuana). As it is so new, most evidence is based on anecdotes rather than scientific studies.

For example, even anecdotes stir debate about Delta-10, especially in comparison with Delta-8.

Nevertheless, Delta-10 as time passes there will be more information brought to light about effects of this new cannabinoid. For now, it is all based on Individual experience.

Will D10 make me fail a drug test?

Like D8 and D9, it will make you fail a drug test so be aware of this!

Improvement or Fad?

Unfortunately, there is not enough information right now to see if this is actually an improvement in the cannabis industry or simply a fad.

Is D10 Available now?

It is slowly emerging on the market, so more products will begin to enter stores. Like CBD, D8 and D9, D10 can be extracted into gummies, vapes, oils and other forms to be enjoyed. However, it seems that there is a lot of fake D10 products as well because of its novelty so always only buy products from licensed, legal dispensaries and check the COAs for accuracy.

Here at JJ's, we do sell come Delta-10 stuff. Check it out!

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