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​Pet Health and CBD

​Pet Health and CBD

Posted by JJ's Hemp Dispensary on 1st May 2021

Can Pets even take CBD?

Yes. Animals can enjoy CBD just like humans do. However, any product high in THC should probably be avoided unless otherwise recommended by a trusted vet. While THC may have medicinal value in certain cases, it can produce a psychoactive effect that might increase anxiety in animals when administered in high doses. Since CBD oils made from hemp have high amounts of CBD and extremely low amounts of THC, it is unlikely that CBD would harm your pet.

Many of the benefits that CBD has for humans may also apply to pets. Likewise, it is also easy to give pets CBD; there are treats available as well as tinctures. Always start at the smallest dose and work your way up.

CBD may have multitude of uses for pets. They can range from helping with nausea to anxiety to pain management to seizures/epilepsy. It may even help with reducing inflammation and help protect the nervous system as well.

Targeting separation anxiety

A main benefit of CBD for pet is to target separation anxiety. When your pet gets anxious, it releases stress hormones in their brain. By taking CBD, it can help calm your pet’s anxiety by increasing serotonin in their brain. This may help them to cope with separation while you’re gone.

CBD making headway in pet-care segment | New Hope Network

Kidney and joint support

Additionally, CBD may help kidney and joint support in pets as well. Most prescriptions that are used to help with kidney and joint support could come with unwanted side effects which would affect the quality of life of your pet.

Nevertheless, CBD can help with inflammation in the body and may act as an efficient painkiller, which can improve discomfort as well mobility in pets. It can also help with the symptoms of kidney issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, and appetite loss.


Because of its proposed neuroprotective properties, CBD may also help to manage neurodegenerative diseases. This is useful to possible help treat nerve and spine issues in pets. CBD may effectively minimize the chances of toxicity in brain cells, making a great option for older pets as it promotes brain cell regeneration. 

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