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JJ’s Bud Bar

JJ’s Bud Bar

Posted by JJ's Hemp Dispensary on 7th Jul 2021

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JJ’s Bud Bar

At JJ’s Hemp Dispensary, we pride ourselves on having high quality items lining our shelves. This also applies to our bud bar as well. We opened our Bud Bar in June 2020 alongside the launch of our store. Since then, we’ve been making sure we provide not only quality products, but quality knowledge that is dispense alongside the flower.

What makes us different?

The most important thing above all else for a Bud Bar is the quality of the flower. Some stores simply put prepackaged flower that they brought from a vendor and sell it that way, claiming that they have a bud bar.

We don’t do that here. All our flower comes in directly from farms. We don’t use prepackaged flower that has been sitting in unknown conditions for extended periods of time. The farm-fresh flower is grown either indoor or at the greenhouse and doesn’t come already prepared in small little jars. We prepare it in front of you and put it in smell proof packs with a boveda pack.

We also are sure that each of our strain is third-party tested and COA Certified. We don’t sell any flower that doesn’t have a COA when we purchase it.

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What is our process?

Before we receive our flower, the first thing we do is to make sure that the proper COAs are attached. After that, we begin our process. We allow the flower to dry for 14 days, which kills any impurities. Every 5 hours, we then check the humidity of the flower. We keep it at a moderate range of 49%-54% relative Humidity.

After the 14-day process is completed, we then cure the flower and keep them out of the sunlight and humidity by placing them in a hermetic C-Vault Container with the 67 gram Boveda pack and RH reader. This ensure that the flower stays moist and the terps stays fresh.

The maintenance is quite labor intensive, but it makes a difference in the final product. The bud isn’t dry and unsmokable, but rather moist and terpene rich.

Our Service

A top priority at JJ’s to be sure our service is as good as our products. When our budtenders serve the flower, they always do so with gloves to eliminate any contamination. The bud is then placed in a smell proof bag with a label or a jar depending on the amount that is ordered. Likewise, we also add a 4g or 7g boveda pack with the product to ensure that it stays moist even on its way home with you.

No one likes a bartender who doesn’t know what they’re serving you. We apply the same thought to our budtenders. Each of our budtenders are certified through the CBD Training Academy, so they can answer any questions you have about the strain you’re interested or just about CBD in general.

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