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Hazy Extrax Cartridge Live Resin 2G

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
5 units

The Orange Kush strain is Indica dominant with heavy notes of orange, citrus, and undertones of peach. What you’ll love about the Orange Kush strain is that it’s very chill, but not that chill where you’re couchlock. On the contrary, you’re more likely to ease into the chill vibes, and the flavor of orange adds reason to keep coming back for more.

The Lime Sorbet strain is Sativa dominant, accompanied by a tart flavor of lime and citrus with Earthy undertones. The type of high it produces is very versatile, and it’s known for being more upbeat. Although the flavor is incredible, the Sativa part of this cartridge is mind-boggling but enjoyable.

Dive into a fresh cart of Blue Runtz, a Hybrid strain that’s well-balanced and delicious. It has a fresh flavor of blueberries that is accompanied by a sweet pear and vanilla combo. The Blue Runtz lives up to its name of having a candy-like flavor and aroma with a steady helping of Hybrid goodness.


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