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Our Frankford location is closed.

Shipping is still available in all legal states. 

We are still in the process of relocating

Thank you for your patience! 

We hope to see everyone soon!



Fortified Kush Mintz Delta 8 THC Flower (Indica Dominant)

$12.99 - $149.99
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Kush Mints is a Delta 8 THC flower hybrid hemp strain that is a cross between Bubba Kush and Animal Mints strains. Kush Mints strain has a sweet, minty taste and emits a sweet woodsy aroma of pine and graham crackers with an undercurrent of fresh mint leaves.

Its effects are well balanced between mind and body, delivering all the relaxing benefits of an indica with the uplifting power of a sativa. The relaxing high is mellow and enjoyable and can be used any time day or night without adverse effects.

The buds themselves are a pale green color with bright orange hairs and coated in white trichomes. The buds have a fluffy, tapered shape and is slightly sticky to the touch. The strain boasts a robust terpene profile with an abundance of Limonene that adds a slightly fruity flavor and bolsters the relaxing and uplifting effects.

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